Techinical Game Designer

Technical Skills

Fast prototyping is the best way to test and convey an idea, so I learn all these skills to help me do this.


C# Programming

I have been working solo or in a team to develop multiple projects in unity, and I am familiar with different systems in the engine, and I had programming experiences on:

  • Gameplay
  • Enemy AI
  • UI and event system
  • Particle system
  • Animation Controller
  • Unity Networking (5.0)
  • Unity Audio, and Wwise implementation and control

Projects developed in Unity

BCLC Project | iDoubt | Spinning Hero | Space Berserkrs | Lie To Me Darling | Thread


Particle Design

I created a lot particles for the project Space Berserkrs using the Unity Shuriken system with custom mesh and textures.

Creating particle is really a interesting process. it all start with researching the need of user feedbacks, in order to come up a concept for the final particle. When I start making a particle, I make custom texture for the particles, then using the system and some custom code to achieve the final effect.


Unreal Engine

Start learning and using Unreal Engine for a level design course. Creating differents events and blueprint to create a single player game experience.

After I work on Coni Leaves, I learned a lot more about this engine, I learned how to program enemy AI and construction script using visual scripting.

Projects developed in Unreal

Coni Leaves